Asset Details
ID 14965590100209695171
Name X360CKR
Description Hi All, This asset is to fund the development of a cluster of banna pi's and GPU's for the process of brute forcing a users cpu key. We will charge each user (£20) to recover their cpu key from a xbox 360. this process shouldent take to long but it also depends on how many pi's and gpu's we are able to buy ! Just look at ebay and count the number of users are selling rrod boxes, which can still be nand dumped and we can recover the cpu key, all by the user submitting their encrypted keyvault to our website, along with a serial number, we will be able to run through thousands of keys per second (banna pi : 81k hashes per board, NVIDIA GPUs : millions hashes ). We will be online in 2019, we plan to advertise over all the xbox 360 forums, each week we will pay dividends, no static amount but should be a good profit winner if this service kicks off. Hect0r
Quantity 1,000,000
Decimals 1
Issuer 4MSG-7YLC-EE9C-8VJUS empty name
Block 559907